Friends is again partnering with True Grass Farms and the Petaluma Grazing Collective to bring this uniquely Petaluma event back to Steamer Landing Park. Join us as we celebrate resilience, grassland culture and good food as we bring our community’s agricultural roots to the forefront. The day will consist of panels and individual speakers sharing their insights on land management and land ethics as well as have ample opportunities to connect with local organizations and businesses working on land issues.

We’ll kick off the day with the Grazer’s Collective herding a flock of sheep down I St., starting at the top of the hill and heading towards 1st Street, where we’ll turn and head toward D St. and Steamer Landing Park. The flock starts off around 7:30am and should be to the Park by 8:30am. You are welcome to watch as the herd goes past and to follow along behind – please don’t interfere with the sheep as they go past or go in front of the flock.

Saturday, May 11th

9am – 5pm

Steamer Landing Park 

For more information, including schedule of events, visit SASSYANDGRASSY.COM

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